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Ancestral & Current Family Biographical listings

Please note: Incomplete, I plan to add information as I get it. 
Surnames included: Brash, Eddy, Fast, Fuller, Hall, Klockow, Mushrush, Sillers, Thayer, Weir, Whitehead   

Brash, Beryl Marion (Eddy)
(Mother of Liz Fuller)
High school English & Latin teacher
Education: Flora Stone Mather College
Hobbies: Sewing, church & civic volunteer
DOB 12-27-1901 Ashtabula, OH
DOM 6-23-1940 Ashtabula, OH
DOD 5-2-1990 South Bend, IN

Brash, David (wife Elizabeth)
President of John Brash Co., Ashtabula, OH
DOB 1867 Canada
DOD 1933 Ashtabula, OH

Whitehead, Elizabeth (Brash)
DOB 1867 Canada
DOD 1934 Ashtabula, OH

Brash, David (wife Marion Sillers)
DOB 1833
DOD 1870 Canada

Sillers, Marion
DOB 1837
DOD 1902 (Canada)

Brash, David (wife Jessie Weir)
DOB 1800
DOD 1880

Weir, Jessie
DOB 1804

Brash, William (wife Elizabeth Morton)
DOB  1780
DOD  1860

Morton, Elizabeth
DOB 1791    DOD 1865

Eddy, Merle John
(Father of Liz Fuller)
Education: Univ. of Michigan
Hobbies: woodworking, sailing, reading
DOB 8-5-1901 Ashtabula, OH
DOM 6-23-1940 Ashtabula, OH (Beryl Brash)
DOD 6-13-1973 Ashtabula, OH

Eddy, Jean Elizabeth (me!)
Daughter of Merle & Beryl Eddy
Retired co-owner of UniTrans Logistics
Education: Kent State Univ.
Hobbies: genealogy, quilting, gardening and ghost hunting
DOB 28 July 1944
DOM 20 Jun 1970 (to David Fuller)

Fuller, Catherine Elizabeth (my daughter)
Urban legends and paranormal investigator
Education: Japanese language & culture IU & Nanzan Univ., Nagoya, Japan
Cultural Anthropology, Indiana University.
DOB 22 Mar 1983
DOM 7 Jul 2007 to Mike Klockow

Eddy, John Frank
(father of John J. Eddy)
DOB 1850
DOD  1903

Eddy, John Joseph
(father of Merle John Eddy)
DOB  8 Aug 1876
DOM  20 Aug 1871 (Nora Mushrush)  Thayer)
DOD     June 1944

Eddy, Frank
DOB 7 Aug 1893 Ashtabula
DOM  (to Mabel Lillie)

Thayer, Gersham Anson (Capt.)
Ship builder
DOB 1810 Ashtabula, OH
Bugbee, Hannah H.
(wife of Gersham Thayer)
DOM   8 Dec 1939

DOD 6 Aug 1886 Ashtabula, OH

My husband’s family

Fuller, Bennett David

(Grandfather of Dave, Chuck, Bill, Jim)
Retired from Firestone Tire
Hobbies- fishing, stamp & coin collecting, gardening
DOB  1-9-1896
DOM 5-19-1919
DOD  1984

Fuller, David Andrew
(husband of Liz Fuller)
President of UniTrans Logistics, Inc.
Hobbies fishing, Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite,
DOB 11-14-1944
DOM 6-20-1970
DOD  4-25-2010

Fast, Ethna (Fuller)

(Grandmother of Dave, Chuck, Bill, Jim)
Sewing, music, gardening
DOB 10-9-1896
DOM 5-19-1919

Fuller, Merle Lewis

(Father of Dave, Chuck, Bill, Jim)
Occupation-Prudential Insurance agent-CLU
US Navel Reserve, Lt. Col.
Education: Baldwin Wallace College
Hobbies-golf, hunting, sailing, scouting
DOB 2-9-1922
DOM 7-15-1943
DOD 9-15-1968

Hall, Cora Mae (Paine)
Linotype setter, art major 
Hobbies-sewing, watercolor artist, music 
DOB 1-27-1889
DOM 12-19-1909
DOD  2-2-1952

Hall, Charles Lester
Inspector, Nickel Plate RR
Hobbies: Baseball, volunteer fireman, cyclist, photography
DOB 8-30-1885
DOM 12-19-1909
DOD 3-13-1971

Hall, James Edgar

(Brother of Maryalice, Grace, Flora)
DOB 3-2-11
DOM 9-8-34 to Marian M. Cook
DOD  12-22-1970

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