Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Missing Pie Mystery, an Eddy Family legend

This story is from my father’s childhood. My Dad was Merle J. Eddy, born Sept 4, 1901.         

         When he was a boy the family lived on Fisk Street in Ashtabula which is in the West End, south of Prospect Rd (Rt 20) and a couple of blocks west of where Center Street ended into Prospect at Flatiron Park. Surprisely enough, Fisk Street was very close to where the Fuller family lived when I started dating Dave.
                                                  * * * * *
        My grandmother Nora Eddy was known as a fantastic pie baker. In the summer she would bake pies and then put them on their back porch to cool.  Many times the pie would disappear and she couldn’t figure out who was taking her pies.
       My grandfather John (Jack) Eddy was a conductor on the New York Central RR… and the railroad tracks were not far from Fisk Street. That part of the rail line was a fairly steep grade for the trains so the locomotives would be pulling the cars very slowly up the incline.
       On the days my grandfather knew his wife would be baking a pie, he would drop off the train at the engine, run cross lots to his home, steal the cooling pie, and run back with it in time to jump back on the caboose!   
      I am sure he got away with that only once or twice before she kept her pies in the house to cool but it made for a funny story that my Dad loved to tell.

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